I’m a firm bel…

I’m a firm believer that people should always share food at the table. Not everyone agrees with me on this (like my super patient boyfriend who always lets me pick at his plate but never touches mine—thanks!), and to be honest, I don’t get it! Why wouldn’t you want to taste as much as possible on the menu?

Alas, there are two ways to go around this. First, grab a friend who a) likes to eat b) has no problems swapping plates and c) is open to trying just about anything. Next, go to a restaurant and just order a bunch of appetizers. By doing this, you get a lot of variety without having to commit yourself to an entrée that you or your dining buddy might not even like. Fortunately for me, this was exactly what I succeeded in doing over the weekend. My good friend and I went to Beast and the Hare and just ordered from the appetizer menu: deviled eggs, charcuterie, cheese, and wine. (We thought we were pretty fancy with our French-inspired dinner. Truth be told, we were slightly hammered from Zeitgeist and pretty disheveled from the nice yet overbearing heat. We also ordered the cheapest glasses of red. We tried.)

Although our intention was to order a whole lot of nothing (pummeling beers and iced coffee all day didn’t help with the appetite), we actually succeeded in ordering, well, kind of a lot. All of the different flavors and textures as well as preparation and technique that went into serving up these dishes make for a pretty sweet dinner.


Our waitress ordered these for us—or more like she ordered us to order them. Something-something about infused duck fat? Yeah, sure.


Stinky blue, semi-soft brie, and something hard that tasted like Parmesan.


Smoked duck breast, lardo di pancia, coppa, chicken pâté, and salami.

What came after all of those heavy, fatty, deeply flavorful bites? Humphry Slocombe’s Blue Bottle Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream, of course. – M


One response to “I’m a firm bel…

  1. all that food looks so delicious!!!!

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